Bangladesh Votar list update

Votar list update
Bangladesh election commision has anounce for update votar list. Votar list will be update for 6 City corporation ob Bangladesh- Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajsahi, Barishal, Khulna and Shylet.

Collection of Voter Infomation
  1. 29 September to 05 October 2009, Information will be collected from door to door and they will inform you where will be taken picture and when, and you will receive a silp.
  2. 12 October to 10 November , Voter information and Picture will be taken from your own word.

Please be remember,
  1.  1 st of Januery 1992, after that who has born  and entry as a valid votar in more than one or entry for different location is an offence.
  2. Your name ,Date of Birth and others information should be provided correctly.

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