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Jobs are very important part of every human being. Children, young, female, educated, non educated or its may me old person. Overseas/foreign country like Europe, America, Canada even Singapore its quite easy to get a job. Bangladesh is not a rich country so here finding or getting a good job is really difficult. I am sure still lots of educated person don’t know where to get that job; even they have completed their higher degree or post graduate. Now is quite easy to find your educational background related job if you submit your CV to that job portal site and always searching for your job.
At the same time you should read /visit all the News papers site. Here is the link site for all the Bangladeshi newspapers link site. Education : University & College

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Children work and our domestic labor jobs.
Globally, at least 10 million children are trapped in domestic labor jobs where they work long hours for little pay and often face abuses. Total number of child domestic workers in Bangladesh is not available from any official source, for example, Ministry of Women's and Children's Affair's. Some NGOs estimate that there are approximately two million children engaged in domestic work in Bangladesh. Child domestic workers in Bangladesh stay alone in individual households, hidden from public scrutiny, and their lives controlled by their employers. The destiny of these child domestic workers rests largely on the mercy of their employers. As their parents primarily live in rural areas and usually are unable to afford to visit Dhaka regularly to oversee the condition of their children, they are exposed to abuses and health risks. Although some aspects of child domestic workers, for example, sexual exploitation and education, have recently received attention from scholars, we are not sufficiently aware of the health consequences of child domestic workers in Bangladesh. This paper investigate the provision of health care facilities and address the vulnerability and health hazards of child domestic workers through a case study in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. The study use both primary and secondary data. Research methods will include participant observation, questionnaire survey and focus group interview. Information is collected from Wikipedia , for more information visit

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