Durga Puja is the biggest festival of Hindu People

Picture of Radha - Krishna

Durga Puja
Durga Puja is the biggest festival of Hindu People

Picture of Ma Durga Devi
Durga Puja: the biggest festival of the Hindu community of Bangladesh or India and its continues for ten days, the last three days being culmination with the idol immersed in rivers. In Dhaka the big celebrations are held at Dhakeswari Temple, where a fair is also held and at the Ram Krishna Mission. Iskon mondir- Shamibagh, Raga

Picture of Religious people and who always pray to God
Radha - Krishna

Also got other festival for Hindu People like Kali puja, Gonesh Puja, Krishna Jarmostomi, and education development they prey for Devi Sharoshati and many more. One word got for Hinduism, is "baro mase tero puja" ( 12 month for 13th fastival/puja)

Picture of Kumiri Puja

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Famous ISKCON Temples In India :
ISKCON Temple, Delhi For many this is just a temple, for finding solace, peace and quiet. Sitting amongst Lord Krishna and his devotees with Hare Krishna chants going around is indeed an experience. But for those who are seeking more, there is so much to learn and see, than what meets the eye.

ISKCON Temple, Bangalore, Karnataka
The ISKCON Temple was built recently by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. As you climb the granite steps you will encounter three small shrines before the main temple. The three idols of Lord Krishna in the main shrine are made of brass.
ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
It is located within the premises of the Krishna-Baldev Temple in Vrindavan. Beautiful paintings depicting the life of Lord Krishna adorn the galleries leading to the main temple. ISKCON devotees from various parts of the world can be spotted manning the library or ISKCON book stalls and partaking in temple rituals.
ISKCON Chandradoya Mandir, Mayapur, West Bengal
This is the international headquarters of ISKCON. Surrounded by: a Vedic city, the main Deities are Sri Radha Madhava. The Deities are larger than life-size. There are also eight Gopis, four on each side of Radha-Madhava. Also on the main altar is a small set of Radha-Krishna Deities. On the left altar are Deities of the "Pancha-Tattva-Advaita Acarya", Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya, Gadadhara, and Srivasa Thakur. To the left of this altar is another altar with an impressive Deity of Lord Narasimha

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